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Modular Antique Shop


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Whether buying an old record player, a manual typewriter, or even an old wooden cabinet, Lion's Antique Shop is the place to find it. Based on the style of an old Victorian home, the shop consists of three floors.

The first floor is on the ground level, and includes (exteriorly) the street, a back yard, and two porches, one on the front and the other in back. Inside, you will be greeted by the friendly old shopkeeper. There is a fireplace, a rug, and several antique items. A grandfather clock stands by the door, and some other items include an old telephone, a manual typewriter, a cash register (used by the shop keeper), and an old chair. Under the stairs, there are also two shelves of little antique items, such as a snow globe, a ring and a bell. 

The second floor includes a lot of smaller items. This is where one might find an old glass pitcher, a record player, or a lamp. In the bay window, there is a well-crafted desk, which includes three different lamps. This floor also has a ladder leading to the third floor, which is less for the customers and more for storage. However, no door exists to keep customers out, which means they could easily venture to the upper floor to check it out.

On the third floor, items beyond the point of repair can be found. There are a few storage boxes, a worn out old sofa, a leaning cabinet, and a beat up old lowboy. There is a lamp for some extra light, but the third floor doesn't really include anything worth buying.

There is no roof access, but the roof has a decorative railing, a chimney, and a single brown spire, in keeping with the Victorian style. On the street, there is a garden all along the porch, with a brown sign naming the establishment. I have included one picture with a potential decal for the sign.

Hopefully the rest of this model speaks for itself in the pictures which I have included. As always, please support, comment, and share. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will try to answer as best I can! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the project!

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