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K-16 Foot Mech


This is the K-16. The foot mech of the future galactic world. 

The K-16 is piloted by a foot soldier of the future galactic military. He obeys orders and is loyal to the end. He pilots the mass made model K-16 mech. also known as a foot mech because they are designed for foot soldiers. 

The K-16 is a standard fighting mech. The best way to describe it's capabilities is that is equal to it's pilot. The foot soldier of the mech world. In testing it was able to uproot small trees and fold lamp posts. the largest downfall was the unreliability of the aiming system. The technology was never perfected because of the cost to bring in a new team to fix it. due to this pilots are trained to shoot with and without the aiming system in case of a mechanical failure. Most are able to hit the side of a skyscraper... some much worse, some much better. 

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