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Snowy mountain (Heroica concept)

I tried to create a set piece for the lego heroica game series... I don't know if they are planning to realease one. I tried to keep it a simple as possible. not too small not too big. It had to look like a heroica set so I made sure it had a number of pieces between Nathuz and Waldurk and about the same quality of details.

you get three werewolves and two white werewolves (Yetis?) and a dark druid or other "boss"
the blue circles are actually avalanche spots. landing on one the player can move the pile of snow on another player's path.
the magic item is a magic (golden) feather that allows you to teleport to a another spot (of the same color as the starting position).

I'm not here for the profit, I created this in order to by the parts from Lego but most aren't available online. so I'm sending this idea hoping Lego can make it even better.
I don't have a name for it now...

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