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1960's Police box


This model was created using LDD (Lego Digital Designer) and consists of 5050 bricks. This SNOT (studs not on top) model measures 42 studs long, 42 studs deep and has a height of 68 bricks.


This blue Police box was used as a direct line to the local police station (except it Glasgow, where they were red [the last picture]). (When I say this one, obviously that's real versions of this, not the actual Lego, though Lego would have made them a lot more fun, I guess they weren't designed for fun though).


And though many of us might know this for being a Police Box, there are also those amongst us (yes I am one of them), that would recognise this as one of the main characters (yes, I class the TARDIS as a character itself) of a long running sci-fi series (Doctor Who).


This model has no interior, so you could fill it as you see fit, whether it be with a console room, a policeman's first aid kit, or even just as a box for your trinkets. For fans of retro and Doctor Who alike, this piece isn't too hard to assemble.

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