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Bumparena Board Game

Here is a small remake of the classic Cranium game Bumparena! I used to play this game growing up a lot and I still enjoy playing it with my siblings today. It is always a challenge no matter what.


This game includes:

  • 1 die, no cards
  • 1 board
  • 5 balls
  • 1 board blocker
  • 32 bumpers
    • 16 blue diagonal
    • 16 green horizontal or vertical

You play this like the normal game, but instead, you use the board blocker to keep the balls from rolling down and you roll the dice in order to see what you do.

  1. Roll a yellow and you get to add a ball.
  2. Roll a blue and you get to add a blue bumper.
  3. Roll a green and you get to add a green bumper.
  4. Roll an orange and you get to add 2 balls
  5. Roll a purple and you get to add either a blue or a green to the board and/or remove a bumper.
  6. Roll a red and you need to remove the board blocker and let the balls go.

This lego set is an accumulated total of 553 bricks, including the balls. I hope you enjoy this set!

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