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Delizia Market

Delizia Market is an half modular (16x32) building.

The model features three levels:

- on the ground floor there's the Delizia Market, a little grocery where customers can find vegetables, fruits, bread, packaged and also frozen foods

- on the first floor there's a studio apartment. It's little but well-furnished with a confortabile bed, a kitchenette, a table, a lamp and a bathroom. If you walk down the street by night when the Delizia Market is closed, you'll see the apartment windows lighted up by a trans-clear light brick

- a spiral staircase runs you to the terrace, that is entirely dedicated to relax and fun. It features a barbeque, a beach chair and a balcony vegetable garden

This custom set also includes three minifigures:

- Piero, a 45-year-old man that is busy all day running the Delizia Market, the grocery that he opened 10 years ago

- Anna, a 23-year-old university student that usually in the morning takes a break from studying and loves shopping at Piero's market

- Giorgio, a 26-year-old man that lives alone in his studio apartment and that has fallen in love with Anna... even if she doesn't know it yet... :-)

Delizia Market is perfectly compatible with other modular buildings, giving you the opportunity to add more spice to your city streets through a smaller building.

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