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Modular Archer's Workshop


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What would an archer be if he didn't have his HQ where he can put his equipment in.

The modular archers' workshop is a set of over 2,500 elements, each floor of the tower is attached separately, in addition, the roof in the building is raised in 2 places, and it is independent of the tower and can also be lifted to get to the main part of the workshop where bows are repaired, and made shields.
In the tower at the very bottom there is a place where the Shields of the Forestmen take shape and are painted, while on the second floor where you can only get through the workshop and the attic. The shields, after painting, dry calmly. The third floor of the tower is a place to watch through narrow tall windows, while at the very top of the tower, archers can defend their headquarters from above.
All this fits on a 32 x 32 tile.
additionally, on the square in front of the headquarters, there is a shed where archers prepare for test shots at the targets that are located opposite, under the stairs.

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