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monster attack studio

This set will be a small help when you want to make a first time stop motion video about a monster of your choice destroying a highly populated city.

This is the view of "Crocadon" charging at his first victim, you. The green and brown obstruction is a tree because you are currently running from the monster through the city park. It looks like you arent going to make it very far.

This is when you turn to see the winged demon swooping down to catch a handful of prey. Now there is absolutely no way you are getting out of this one.

This view is from the news plane catching the confrontation between the two abominations. This set would have both monsters along with the city including 13 separate buildings, a park, a lake, at least two small cars per street, and a plane with two clear stick elements for shooting a movie with. This set would probably be $19.99 if it becomes a set.

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