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The Claw-Breaker

I present to you: The Claw-Breaker.

A crab-like vehicle on six wheels with one big claw! Ready to move everything!

After falling ill and not being able to work for a while I started going back to my roots. Music, movies and toys. I started building random things with the few bricks I had in front of me. As a designer, playing around with LEGO really sparked my fire again. I travelled back home to my parents and dove into my old sets. I was drawing and brainstorming on paper until this old set (8830) sparked the idea for a crab-like vehicle. Based on this frame I mixed it up with the bricks I could find. 

I really like how this design turned out. The contrast between the minifigure and that giant claw. Big wheels. Flexible steering. Different from every angle. Driving and spinning it around it axis is really fun. The combination of a sturdy frame and a flexible arm makes it a really lively model. Sparking my imagination for a bigger world. I can't wait to design another model to expand on this world.

Hope you enjoy the Claw-Breaker as much as I had building it.

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