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Ninja Bot 2.0

It is a rebuild of the ninja bot that has been through a apocalypse and has had to rebuild himself better and stronger.
I built it just out of boredom and wanting something new that would prove what i’m capable of building.
I believe this would make a great lego set because it is super customizable and would encourage people to show their creativity.

The first picture is everything that would be included in a set of this were to become one.

The second picture is just the robot stock with out the fancy attachments.

The third picture is of what I like to call the hand cannon which has two mini guns, a missile, and a rail gun.

The fourth picture is of a drill so the robot can get into anywhere he might need to or out of any situation.

The fifth picture is of the shield blaster which has two blasters, one on each side of the hand, to movable shields and a hand and is a bird companion for the robot.

The robot also has thrusters in his feet for flight, a sword on his side for emergency, armor on all limbs, and chains in case he needs to climb out of somewhere.

I have put a lot of time and effort into this project so i hope that everyone likes it and feel free to let me know what improvements i should make or other things you would like to see.

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