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Harpoons - The Game


You and your mates are stuck on an island after a ship wreck with a chest of gold treasure! however,
as you await for rescue... suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant indestructable sea monster apears to try to steal your gold,
you scramble to retrieve the harpoons of your ship wreck and form a make-shift bloackade to protect your gold!

Harpoons is a 2-3 player game that combines ability, luck and quick thinking! 


The first player to get 4 gold coins wins the game!

How to play/ Rules

1.) Set up the 4 tentacles anywhere on the blue part of the board in any direction, you can place it side ways if you like, and position the arms any way you wish. You can move the There are 3 Harpoons, with 3 colors, choose among yourselves who should play what color.

2.) Set up the game cube (dice), there are 3 types of tiles, and each game comes with 3 of each type, it is up to you what types of tiles you want to use, this makes the game very dynamic and difficulty can change depensing on how you and your mates wants to play.  

The 3 types are:

  • ATTACK - the player that rolls attack has the chance to attack the tentacle using the harpoon.
  • RELOAD - the player that rolls reload can reload his harpoon .
  • HEAL - if the heal tile is played, the player that rolls it can position where to place a discarded tentacle.

    recommended game: 2 Attack tiles, 3 Reload tiles, 1 Heal tile

3.) When you roll an Attack you can position the harpoon (stud shooter) to hit any one of the tentacle, if you hit one, remove it from the board and collect a gold coin from the chest. If you hit the monster's head, you can either choose to lose the next turn, or surrender a gold coin back to the chest. - The harpoon counts as a hit on the 1st thing it touches.

4.) When your Harpoon is in the attack position, you have to wait for a reload tile before you can attack again, each player can only play one tile at a time - so if you attacked, and you roll another attack on your next turn, you cannot do anything and must pass your turn, you have to wait for a reload tile.

5.) When you roll a heal tile, place a discarded tentacle anywhere on the board. If the board is full, you pass your turn.

6.) 1st to reach 4 gold tiles, wins the game!

Set Includes:

  • 1 game board
  • 3 harpoons with chains
  • 3 stud shooters
  • a chest of gold coins
  • 9 action tiles (3 each)
  • 1 game dice

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