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Container Train


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This container train is loosely based of of the container trains they use in the U.S. because of the double decker container on each wagon. The entire train isn’t 6 studs wide like most LEGO trains its around 8.5 stud’s wide this allows for a better scale and more detail. It also allows the locomotive to look allot better because of its functions (explained in next paragraph). The whole set includes 2064 pieces most of them for the locomotive. It includes 5 minifigs:

  • A locomotive driver
  • 2 different truck drivers
  • A crane controller
  • Another worker

 The locomotive is non powered because of one feature that it has. The locomotive has 16 wheels just like some locomotives in real life has. It has 2 pairs of 4 wheels (ill call these wheel sections so that I can explain easier. 2 wheel sections privet separately on another section (not a wheel section) this section then privets on the main locomotive frame. There are 2 of these sections pivoting on the main frame, this allows the locomotive to go around turns without derailing.

The wagons are all the same and all fairly simple, each one being able to hold 2 8x24 stud big containers on top of each other without getting too high. All containers are empty and easy to stack. There are different colored containers:

  • 1 grey
  • 1 light blue
  • 1 yellow
  • 1 red
  • 1 white
  • 1 brown
  • 2 dark blue

Because of the locomotive being non-powered one the first wagon there is one more immovable brown container. There is a battery box and an infrared sensor in this. The front two wheels of this wagon are powered and a small hole in the brown container allows a cable to go throw. LEGO digital designer does not have the cable to hook up to the train engine so it is not completely finished.

The crane is used to pick up containers from the train and put them on a truck or vice versa. It can move up down left right. There are two trucks in the set one red one white. The truck in 6 studs wide (without wheels) and can carry 1 container at a time.

This set will probably not make it to the 10,000 supporters goal but please comment and tell me what I can do better in version 2 so that I can improve each time and hopefully someday get to the 10,000 goal.

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