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The Old Watermill (Motorized)


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I have always admired water mills. A mechanism so simple that, thanks to the power of nature, it made life easier for many people!

This reproduction of a Fantasy/Medieval water mill, with the wheel actually working, is made up of about 2500/3000 pieces and some minifigures which represent the activities that took place inside and outside this building. 

Inside the mill, on the ground floor, we can see the millers at work and observe how the effect of the water flow on the blades of the big wheel makes rotate the stone wheels that grind the grain.
The flour is thus produced and will then be used to bake bread and other delicacies! 

In the attic we observe a small bed where the farmer or the millers, tired from hard work, can indulge in some well-deserved rest. 

Outside the mill, thanks to the minifigures I recreated various scenes,
and in one of these I wanted to pay homage to an old castle set from the forestman series that had a sword fight on the box.

I used to build thinking that the set will not remain in the window but that it is visible and playable in all its parts.
I think this mill is suitable for both an adult audience and children.

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