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Dr. Seuss and LEGO


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3 BOOK SETS of the most beloved stories from Dr. Seuss!
Open the set and play with the most iconic elements in each story (the final images show all the elements).

Awaiting you inside, you will find:

Book 1: The Cat in the Hat
  • The mom’s room 
  • The house’s entrance + living room + toys
  • The Cat in the Hat + cleaning machine
  • The kids
  • Thing 1 + the big red wood box

Book 2: How the Grinch stole Christmas!
  • The Whoville in Christmas + Mt. Crumpit and the Grinch’s cave (micro version)
  • A Who’s house + a sleigh on the roof
  • The Who’s Christmas Feast
  • The Grinch (as Santa)
  • A Who child
  • Max the dog in a reindeer costume

Book 3: The Lorax
  • The Truffula tree forest
  • The Factory (the micro version) + a Thneed signboard
  • The factory entrance + the gluppity-Glupp machinery from the inside and the pipes
  • The Once-ler house (Lerkim) with a Whisper-ma-Phone + abandoned factory + the pile of rocks with the one word "UNLESS"
  • The Lorax with a Brown Bar-ba-loots (bear)
  • The Once-ler with a Thneed (cloth and plastic) and money
  • The boy with the Truffula seed

  ***For details, I used stickers and cloth (in the case of the Thneed). 

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