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Tron Legacy Light Cycle


Tron Light Cycle Design

Thank you everyone who's been supporting the Tron Light Cycle We've got to 4,080 and are really on our way to the 10,000 :).

We've been re-designing the Tron Light Cycle after getting so many comments from this original submission. After working on it for sometime we have created the Rinzler Tron Bike it has been submitted separately as its change a lot but now has movable wheels, minifigures fit into it better, light up Grid base and also now has the trans-orange effect.

The update to this one would be that it also would have a light up grid base with the trans-blue and two or a stronger light brick to really give it that glow! and also the wheels would be re-designed like the Rinzler Bike to improve the look and help with adding more playability allowing it to be displayed or taken off for The Games.   

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