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Tennis Legends


Hi Lego Comunity,

my son is (like daddy) a big Lego fan and asked me for a set of his favorite sport. So i created the Lego Tennis set.

Its the first time i inveted a Lego set at all and i used LDD for doing it. It worked out pretty fine (well the most of the time).

I made it on green with a underconstruction so the lines are on the same level of the knobs and you can slowly construct your field. The Referee chair and the score board are some vintage, like the old good times so i decidet to call it Tennis Legends.

I did not have the rackets and the net so invented something but i think you can reconize it. Also on the scoring board on the black part on the right side its some space for stickers  like set/games/points.

The set has 380 pieces and 5 minifigures, 4 players, (2 male and 2 female ) and a referee.

It will be so cool to do some minifigures in the look of the tennis players of the past!

I think its a good and easy set for boys and girls and invites you for some epic Tennis battles.

I let me surprise if anyone else also like it.

With best regard


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