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Pinball, 1950

Did you know that The LEGO Group once produced a wood toy of a pinball? Here it is, reimagined in bricks, decades after its release in 1950. Introducing Pinball Spil af Træ / Metal - built with LEGO pieces. 

The plunger allows you to shoot the balls into the playfield, with the mission of collecting as many points as possible. Each target has indicators for points, according to the original product. 

Its dimensions are 34.1 x 58.1 x 6.4 studs. One exclusive print was made; the smiling face at the top of the playfield. The entire creation consists of 842 pieces, including 5 balls. 

I’ve owned one of these types of pinball game since I was a kid. As soon as I became aware that LEGO had once sold a similar pinball game, I knew I had to build one for LEGO IDEAS. It would be awesome to revive this pinball, and with your help we have a shot!

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