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NOTE: Please note, that the actual set looks the same as the cover photo! Background stuff is just for exhibition exponat.



Hello buddies, my name's Miha, I'm a long term fan of Western theme and it was also my favorite LEGO edition back in 1996! There is a minor sets of Wild West theme in Lego world and it would be really welcomed to see more of this.

This is the main and the first LEGO "system" (unofficial set), theme: "Western Heroes" that was made by me in LDD. This set is remodeled version with much more details and bricks as well. I have also realized this set in real life, so I bought some individual LEGO bricks from several websites and start building it to the finest stage.

From the first hand, I can tell you that this set was really good put together. I am now 22 years old, so I really don't have that child spirit anymore to playing around with the bricks, but from the enthusiastic way, this set looks fantastic in real life, Guaranteed !!

Lots of features and plenty of playable options in this set. However I will be really happy if this goes in stores.



Set include; 5 minifigures! (4# U.S. cavalry soldiers more specific: 2 cavalry soldiers, 1 cavalry lieutenant, General Cord, Mexican bandit, large 32x32 tan base plate, a horse, 2 saddles, 3 swords, 5 revolvers, 5 rifles, 1 Falconet cannon, 2 dynamite and a lot of other items... It is a really simple and classic designed set, not difficult to put the bricks together. Set include around 270 bricks!


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