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Summer House


Wouldn't it be nice to spend holidays in the nature? On the shore of a beautiful lake. You could go camping, but a small summer-house would be my preference. Something like this summer-house perhaps? I would love it! 

For the House I used tones of nature (calm and soft). With warm accents (yellow). Because of this, it is in balance.

Next to the summer-house you see:
a boat, a man who is fishing, a fish, shore plants (such as cane), flowers, stones, a woman with a camera in her hand (which is filming two rabbits), a deer and a tree.

I enjoyed building this project. I am always busy (work, children and so on), but unwind in nature. It gives me rest and new energy. The rudder fits both at the water, as with my last name (joke for myself). 

Enjoy! Daydream (during building) ... ... thinking of a wonderful holiday.


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