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Lime-Green Pumper Fire Truck and Crew


Hello this is my new idea called Lime Green-Pumper Fire Truck and Crew. This idea has a total of 247 bricks and pices, 1 fire truck built, and 3 crew members with different items. You have a Fire Chief with gold helmet,holding a stop sign with orange light,  also a black fire walkie talkie, a Second Chief with silver helmet, holding a black fire walkie talkie and flashlight with yellow beam, third is a Lieutenant with yellow helmet holding a  black fire walkie talkie and a round circular saw colored silver in the other hand, all the firemen have Lime Green fire Gear on.

Inside the Lime Green Pumper Fire Truck you have a yellow driver's seat, a drive stick, a steering wheel, a silver spedometer, also a silver battery. In the middle of the fire truck you have a small black seat and behind that you have a small white seat.  Also i have put steps in the middle so the firemen can step in and get to their seats.   Also i put a red stop sign with orange light, a black wrench, a pick axe, a silver and red fire axe. 

On the Back you have a blue water tank on top of it a hose holder and black pipe to draw water into the tank,  you also have two wooden ladders on the side,  On the top of the tank you have a on and off switch  for the water, and a guage to tell how much water is in the tank.

On the front of the Lime Green Pumper Fire Truck you have two mirrors, a cab, cover for the middle to help protect the firemen from the weather, two holders, two horns,  a teal red square strobe light. 

I have always wanted to build a pumper fire truck  and put it up for the Lego Ideas community to vote and hopefully pass. This way the Lego company can make it available for all of the Fire Truck sets that are on the market. 

If you like my design feel free to share with family and Friends and Thanks have a Great Day!


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