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forest fight ( F.F )

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A typical battle in the clone wars, if this reached 10000 lego would make season 3 anakin and obi-wan, this would be a great addition to your clone wars or revenge of the 5th collection. it would cost arround $60-$70 USD and include 21 minifigs: anakin (season 3), obi wan (season 3), an officer,1 white clone trooper,3 commanders, 1 clone pilot, 2 camouflaged officers, 3 camouflaged clones, 2 scout troopers, 1 battle droid, 1 security battle droid,1 droid commander, count dooku, general griveous, savage opress and asajj venntress.Also would include a base, 2 walkers and a dropship.

the republic base: it includes place for weapons or helmets, a hologram of yoda and a mechanismof a complete, fully hidden arsenal

the mechanism has power functions and a complete rack of 15 missiles, when the enemy attacks, you press the button and releases the arsenal

a view of the battle

another view of the battle

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