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Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is among my most favorite tv shows due to its funny characters and cool music. One aspect of the show that has always stood out to me is the set seen in the first three seasons. I love the layout as well as the unique furniture, colors and decorations. As a musician I especially love the piano and guitars in the background!

This is a model of the set from Hannah Montana. I had so much fun looking at pictures and re-watching various episodes then trying to pick out just the right bricks to replicate what I saw. This model features three distinct areas (living room, kitchen and music room) each with many details.

  1. In the living room you will find a comfortable couch upon which a minifigure can be placed. Flanking the couch on either end is a colorful smaller chair. In the center is a small coffee table with a remote, a pie and some mail scattered about. On the right are a pair of large glass doors and several wall paintings.
  2. In the foreground of the kitchen is a table as well as enough chairs to accomodate each of the minifigures. Further back more seating room can be found at the island which is currently being used to cook some pankakes and bacon. Throughout the remainder of the kitchen several cupboards and shelves can be seen along with various pans and plants. On the far left is a large counter and sink with a cookie jar.
  3. The music room can be seen in the background of the model. Three steps angled at forty five degrees lead up to the main space of this room. Imbedded within these steps are two large potted plants. Just beyond these are three stands each equipped with a unique guitar. Finally, behind these instruments is yet another; the grand piano and a couple of potted plants.

  • 1553 parts
  • 4 minifigures (Miley - Lilly - Jackson - Robby Ray)
  • 12 in x 14.5 in x 5 in (30 cm x 37 cm x 12.5 cm)

  • One of my favorite parts if the lizard decoration as well as the turtle both found in the kitchen
  • I also like the pattern on the sides of the island; a technique accomplished using a turn table base element
  • On various shelves and small tables small details such as shells and cups can be seen as well as some other small refences to decorations in the show
  • I especially like the mats found on the kitchen floor which use a surf board

I think that this would make an excellent display model for fans. I tried to choose bricks and techniques with textures and colors that would both stand out and look interesting on display.

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