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The Golden Condor - Le Grand Condor


Major news for this build

It shall die. I planned after a month to let this project grow, but I knew it wouldn't pass the 100 supports objective. So, I will let it die in peace, update it as time passes by, and one day, I will re-release the Condor. The thing is : the build is too ugly and its model of origin isn't known enough. So, that being said, tata, everyone, thanks for the support you gave this project, and see you all next time, around my new almost-done-right-now project, which might look more... "Sheikish" ;) -MMH


I forgot to precice all that.

Just as a reminder, if I didn't (and I probably didn't) make it clear in the decription, the Golden Condor is NOT my original creation, it comes from the 80s french TV series "les Mystérieuses Cités d'or" or "the Mysterious Cities of Gold" for all you Amurikan people.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold is a documentary/anime about the colonisation of South America by the Spanish, following Esteban, the Son of the Sun, Zia, an Inca prisonner Tao, the last descendent of the Empire of Mu, Pitchu, that green bird-thingy, Mendoza, a Spanish navigator and his two accolites, Sancho and Pedro, who are litteraly just here for the gags. The Golden condor is an emblem of the Mysterious Cities of Gold, and is an ancient Incan (or from Mu) solar flying machine. (yep. Get ready for some hi-tech mechanics from a low-tech time.) Using it, Esteban and his friends travel across all amazonia to find, you guessed it, the seven Cities of Gold, El Dorado.

And by the way, they fight aliens. (oops, spoiler alert !)

The model of the Condor I used if the Blue Sky 2012 reboot of the series. That's season 2. The ugly looking one. But that still has the best Condor I've ever seen.

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