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The Death Star Trench


The Lego Star Wars Death Star Trench

This model is based on the iconic Star Wars scene, in which Luke Skywalker blows up the first death star in his X wing fighter. Luke survives the run despite being chased by Darth Vader (his sith father) and two tie fighters, all of which are included in the model.

This model is the end section of the trench including the vent, which the proton torpedo travels through, the model also includes four Turbolaser turret defences, two small and two large which feature 360 degrees rotation and movable laser cannons. The cannons are based upon the Turbolasers on the 10188 Death Star model.

The model also includes four mini models of the ships, all of which come with a display stand to recreate this iconic scene. also included is a transparent pink proton torpedo so you can destroy the death star at your own will.The ships are based on early models created in the early 2000's but with a few minor brick and colour changes.

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