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Tennis Court - counting 2939 pieces

Hi everybody,
I propose a tennis club, comprising tennis court, 4 stands for 220 spectators, training courts (not shown in main picture) and below each stand, a commercial/supporting area.
The commercial area in the lower-right stand is for a sports equipment shop; the lower-left one, for a ticket office and a fancy shop; the top-left one for the tennis club restaurant and office room. Finally, the top-right one, for a snack room and for a locker room for tennis players.
I am not a specialist with LDD, so the project is not yet very detailed. Missing things: a white net in the tennis court, TV cameras in the head tribune, a commentator/press space in head tribune, illumination poles, shops/restaurant/office details, surrounding areas (light posts, information boards, tables for the restaurant, etc.), and many more other small things. If you don't like the tennis court color, you can find other possibilities in the picture below.
And the brick count, so far, is 2939 pieces (yes, now it's really correct). It's big, but not huge. IMHO, this would be a nice addition to any city. Hope you find it interesting too, and consider supporting it.

Other colors for the tennis court.

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