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Chess Box / Chess Suitcase


The "chess box" is basically a classic chess board with extra functions.

This "chess box" has multiple functions ranging from minifigure storage to a transformation to a suitcase.


The 1st picture shows both possible states of the box.

It would make a perfect set to be taken to (maybe) the park and placed on the grass, so you can play chess on it. This suitcase has some functions to make it more handy and confortable to transport it.

My goal was to make the box as handy as possible.

A full description of all functions of this suitcase/box follows right now:

- At both sides there are easy openable gates that provide an entrance to storage space for the figures (as seen in picture nr.3 and picture nr.5).These can be kept closed with included shafts (as seen in picture nr.6). Their floors are covered  flat lego plates.

-At the black side there is a handle (as seen in picture nr.4) that can be used to transport the bag while it is closed (this does not affect the opening of the gates as seen in picture nr.5). To prevent the handle from splitting it also can be kept closed with 2 of the included shafts. Thus the handle has flat pieces on its downside to prevent uncomfortable holding of the box.

-At the sides of the box there are 2 plates with "chess" written on them. Those plates are there to store already taken figures, because maybe a pawn will reach the oponents side to become a queen (or any other figure), so it would be very annoying to search them in the main storage. That's why those plates exist. Thus they can fold up as seen in the last picture. Those plates can be covered by transparent plates to make the figure storage easier and to still see the "chess" written on them.

The set consists of about 700 pieces.

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