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ROB the Robot


ROB the robot is a small, durable, posable Lego action figure. I firstly created the main frame using mixel ball joints and a few technic parts, once I was happy with the size and proportions I wanted to give him a bit of personality so I added the white pieces. The best part about ROB is that he is completely modular and customisable thanks to the ball joint system and the amount of studs on the main frame. All white pieces can easily be changed and swapped for different colours to give him a completely different look. All parts of the body and limbs can be swapped, for example you can give him a different head, bigger legs, bigger arms, add wheels or give him wings. The possibilities are endless. I think ROB would be a great Lego set becuase he can be posed, balanced and customised in many different ways, he is very durable and great fun to play with. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you support my project.


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