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ChaCha Theme Park Ride


The ChaCha ride is a favourite of mine ever since I was young. I used to deconstruct my other models and try to build it using the pieces I had but could never work it out. After discovering the Lego Digital Designer I decided to give it a go and was so happy with the result I wanted to share it and, hopefully, be able to buy and build it one day.

The model isn't to scale but should function exactly like the classic theme park attraction. As the attraction spins the chair sections will also rotate in the same direction. I can't speak for others but I think this would be a really cool model to make not only for watching it work but having this next to other models (I have the Ferris Wheel as an example) would make a really cool addition to the collection overall. Having a tiny theme park for your little Lego people would be really fun to play with.

As a side note, the motor isn't needed to work. If you removed it you could spin it manually with the same result.