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Salmon Migration - A Working LEGO Model


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The life of a salmon is full of adventure! When it is time to lay their eggs, they travel upstream all the way back to where they themselves hatched years ago. This amazing journey often lasts from spring to fall, and the salmon have to endure many hardships and difficulties along the way. For instance, waterfalls and natural predators, including eagles and grizzly bears, are among the dangers that they will most likely face along the way.
This is a working LEGO model that allows the user to turn the handle in the side of the build to make the fish jump toward the cascading waterfall.  It contains approximately 2,000 pieces and includes a minifigure, four fish, a grizzly bear (whose back paws are removable), a frog, and a bald eagle. It also has a camera, map, compass, a bald eagle egg, and a multitude of plants. Finally, it includes a hidden cave near the back of the build that can fit the compass, map, gold, and any other small trinkets that the minifigure might carry! I built this because I wanted to make a working LEGO creation, but I also wanted to try experimenting with the water and the surrounding scenery. I think that this would make a great LEGO set because it offers a challenging yet rewarding creation for the LEGO builder. It would not only particularly call out to the technic builders (as there are many gears beneath the water) and to those who love working LEGO creations, but also to any builder who just loves a great set. This build also contains a wide range of useful parts, from the plants to the gears inside, which will allow the builder to make many other incredible LEGO models just with these pieces. Please remember to support this build if you would like to see it become an actual LEGO set, and make sure to leave a comment, as well! Thank you very much!

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