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Jungle Plane House

High above the damp grounds of the jungle, the cool wind calms you and makes you forget that you're trapped, possibly forever, in a place crawling with things that want to eat you!

I always thought about what I would do if I got stuck in a jungle after my plane crashed. What would be the first thing I do? What would I eat? You always see these things happen in movies.

I made my own scene of a man that got stuck in the jungle with his dog. His plane crashed and he decided not to give up. He built his own tree kingdom with wood and things he scavenged from the plane crash.

It's a good thing the plane crashed into the tree otherwise he would have been on the ground where the big cats, snakes, lizards and bugs crawl!

Though you can't just find a toilet or a sink in the jungle, this tree has other things such as a viewing deck with an airplane seat, a bed made of a parachute, various storage spaces, a fishing spot and more!

You can climb the rope ladder to the top because poisonous frogs and plants occupy the shade of the tree while monkeys and birds play around in the canopy!

This idea will make you feel like a castaway, a tree castaway. You will fend off dangerous things with your canine friend and survive while relaxing above the trees! 

45 x 47 x 36 (in studs)