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B.U.G.E.E. (Bentworth's Utility Graber and Enemy Eliminator)

"I needed to use these wheels for something... dang, nothing I seem to put em' with works". Bentworth is a completely sane scientist who was tasked with coming up with a use for these 18 foot wide wheels his boss bought. Gin, (The dock manager), can tend to be an impulse buyer at times and poor Bentworth was left to make use of yet another completely useless item.

Introducing Bentworth's Utility Graber and Enemy Eliminator! Though everyone calls it Buggy. For what this Buggy type vehicle lacks in muscle it makes up for in agility. It's wheels are reeeeally posable, It's lower autogun can't decide where to point, it's arms are weak but flexible, and it's missile launcher is... normal actually.

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