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Republic Base on Kashyyyk


This republic base on kashyyyk includes 33 mini figures. These mini figures include 6 Jedi, 22 clone troopers, 3 droids, and 2 Sith Lords. This base's main features are a working elevator that goes from the first floor to the second floor, there are also sliding doors in the front for the main entrance. The last main feature is that every floor has a pop off roof for easy play. This base has a lot of rock and plant detail so it's hidden in the landscape of the planet kashyyyk. There is also a jail on the first floor to put the two Sith Lords that come with the set, a cloning chamber on the second floor, and a workout room complete with a bench press and a treadmill that is also on the second floor and there are many more rooms and features. But wait where will you land all of your ships? Problem solved, the base also has a landing platform to land ships. The second floor also includes a meeting room with a hologram to find out your next Jedi mission. This base is massive and is the biggest set I've made and I hope you guys enjoy!

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