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BLSS SpaceShip

It's a Blue Lego SpaceShip. 
It's a third small spaceship made for my daughter. Looks like it's going to be a full theme. As always I was given a specific challenge. This time I had to use the round 6x6 plates (Item No: 11213) and make the space craft as round as possible. 
-Hey dad make it a ball!
And there you go. I just wish I had enough of the dark blue pieces.  I think it would look better in mono color. But I still love it and building it was fun.
The cabin is thigh as it can. But it's a small planetary probe-like craft so it does the job.
It's being operated by Blue Spaceman released in 1986 set no. 6702. It has a side laser cannon (because who doesn't like a decent laser cannon?) The engines are made of Elves lamps from set no. 41176-1.  Probably the oldest pieces are the windscreen and hatch hinges - they are from 1991 set no. 6679.

My "lead designer" already asked for a next one... as flat and as fast as possible... Wish me luck!
If you like this one, please check my profile for more. Thanks!

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