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Phoenix 1


The Phoenix 1  is the first self-sustaining multitasking ship capable of converting radioactive waste into fuel for the ship's reactors, making it an environmentally friendly ship that continually comes back to life.

The objective of the Phoenix 1 is to collect and feed on that radioactivity and toxic materials, while the ancient ships only transported barrels from one side to another, the Phoenix 1 consumes them to continue its galactic journey in search of more toxic elements

The ship's systems make it possible to detect radioactive elements at long distances thanks to the sensors and antennas that the Phoenix carries over its entire surface

The aerospace company created the Mech-Animal program based on the shapes of certain animals to recreate their ships and space vehicles. The Phoenix 1 is a mixture of characteristics such as the kangaroo (load) or the frog (jumps) added to a Phoenix, currently the company is developing more concepts based on mixing animals and their possibilities. The company created 100 ships that are currently deployed by sectors.

One of the most prominent crews is on the 0077 spacecraft, which achieved the cleaning record in 2099, after cleaning the earth they began their task on nearby planets together with the other ships. Each ship includes a specialist scientist, an experienced pilot, and a robotics and mechanical engineer

The Phoenix1 includes several sections:

-In the lower right a seat for the engineer and an area to wear the space suit. In the lower left a compartment for the loading platform.

-In the upper one we find the barrel storage and the spaceship feeding system, here we also find a loading crane for planets with notable gravity

-The upper part contains the cockpit which can oscillate depending on the vision or aerodynamic needs of the craft.

The model contains approximately 1850 pieces All elements are LEGO Bricks with suggested prints. The lights are not included, only to render the image.

The 0077 Phoenix 1 crew appreciates your support.

Thank you very much


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