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SS Venture - Tramp Steamer - KING KONG

Model Description

The SS Venture a tramp steam ship based on the King Kong films. It can come compact with crew members and natives of the island.

What this set includes:
  • One tramp steamer ship from King Kong

Set locations:

  • The various decks of the ship
  • Captain's room with Skull Island Map and armoury.

Why I built it?

I'm a big fan of the King Kong movies. I've built the creatures and parts of the island but I have never attempted to make the iconic ship. Which is a huge part of the movies. A very good reference image of the side of the ship was discovered on an auction of the miniature prop which made it clear that I had to build this.

Why I believe it will make a great set

The ship is iconic and will work well with various other existing themes especially LEGO city. The set captures a lot of the details without being too piece heavy (1195 parts for the ship).

Tell your friends, family. Share this LEGO product idea around the internet in general and to other LEGO enthusiasts and communities for a chance of it to become an official LEGO set that you can see and buy!

I would love to see a King Kong set on the shelves whether my personal idea succeeds or not. But why wait? Let's climb to the top of 10,000 supporters and achieve this dream together now! I put this idea together but for it to become reality I cannot do it alone!

I hope you enjoyed!

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