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Palace of Italian Civilization (Rome)


The Palace of Italian Civilization

Rome - Italy ( EUR district )

I tried with this project to find a synthesis for a great example of rational architecture.
This project represent a challenge for me, because Rationalism is extremely minimal architecture and in the meantime something very close to LEGO itself.

I used only existing bricks, re-designed in 3D by myself matching LEGO parameters and measures.

It is built with two square rings: outer with white bows and inner with regular bricks, only for be a darker background for the external one.

It counts about  1'000 pieces.

The upper cap may be opened, the body is empty (for now).

LEGO architecture represent for me something really important because makes LEGO enter a "next level gaming", bringing it to offices, to desktops, and sharing the Architecture in its essential elements.

Renewing the never-lost love for this game.
Hope you like this project!