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Chicken Little

I am a very serious person...
                                                                    ...99.9% of the time.

I despise chickens and all chicken-related things (books, humor, art, etc.). Even the sight or mention of a chicken makes me groan inside. Then why in the world would I choose to build this?
Occasionally, when my mind is tired, not knowing what to think or even why to think, I fall into absurdity. In short, I cave. My seriousness leaves, and in its place stands incoherent gibberish. I embrace what I don't like, even if that means chickens.
So in a way, this creation represents the utter nonsense that can spout forth from a brain that really is not thinking clearly.
Speaking of that, Chicken Little is a story about some foolish young fowl who has a piece of something fall on its head (it may be an acorn, or a leaf, or a raindrop; who knows?). It goes berserk and insists that "The sky is falling!!". Thenceforth Chicken Little makes a huge fuss over it and gathers fellow animals to go warn the ruler of the area. The group meets a sly fox (what other kind of fox would there be?), who convinces the gullible animals that the way to the ruler goes right through the fox's lair. They enter the lair and the fox eats them all. (Or, if you like the other versions better, they escape and warn the ruler, but still turn out to be incorrect about the sky.)
So I think that that image of hysteria is what I've captured in this obnoxious little build. Whenever I feel like blurting out whatever my immediate reaction to my circumstances is, this chicken can remind me to always think before I speak, lest I believe the world will end and thereby fulfill my own prophecy through my own ignorance. 

Don't worry, I promise that the next creations I submit will be serious in nature. This one is not a new precedent for me.

This chicken is a bauble-head; it has a technic axle as its neck that would need to be flexible if this were to become a set so that the head could wobble. The wings and tail can flap.

And yes, that is a canoe.

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