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Friday Night Funkin' Brickheadz

You want to build Legos with you GIRLFRIEND but her MEAN and EVIL, EX-ROCKSTAR Dad wants to rap battle you for it. Time to get freaky on this Friday Night!
From the most popular video game right now, Friday Night Funkin' is now in Brickheadz form. Brickheadz are these figurines made out of Lego to show different characters from movies or video games. I thought it would be a great idea to make a BrickHead out of the most popular video game now, Friday Night Funkin'. I am terrible at designing hair, so Girlfriend was a slight pain to do. And getting her on top of the speaker and getting the legs to look right was tough too. But, I got through it and I think it looks really good! This game would probably go down in video game history as a great rhythm based game and considering it made over 2 million on Kickstarter, this is going to be extremely popular for FNF fans and Lego fan alike.
This build has 443 total parts and needs 6 new printed pieces for the mouths of all 3 characters, Boyfriend's shirt, Daddy Dearest's eyes and chest hair. Plus, this need newly colored pieces for Daddy Dearest's purple hands.
Hopefully you support and enjoy this Lego set if it comes out! Have a Funkin' good day!

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