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Welcome to our colorful shared apartment!

Do you want to move in with us? We'll briefly introduce ourselves:

We haven't named the dog yet, maybe we'll find a suitable name for him together.
Do you have any suggestions? Then please leave a comment with your desired name.
We hope you feel comfortable with us. Have fun helping Jacky in the Café or spend time with your roommates in the beautiful Apartment.

Some background information about the building:
The look of the outer facade is based on Vienna's famous Hundertwasserhaus in Austria, which is located on Kegelgasse. The artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser was not only a well-known painter, his
works were always colorful and expressive. But he was also active in the field of architecture, so he designed colorful buildings for people and plants. Typical features of his style are green roofs and terraces, many windows with an unusual arrangement, arches, gilded onion domes and bright colors. His houses should inspire people and develop an awareness for nature which they did and still do.
I hope you like this submission. If you have any suggestions you are very welcome. Maybe you can even help us find a Name for the Dog :)

Set information:
Kitchen: 689 parts
Café: 282 parts
Bedroom & Bathroom: 1059 parts
Roof: 316 parts
Total parts: 2346
4 Minifigures
1 Dog
Jackie's Café Outfit

This submission is a Collaboration between me and my husband from which I have permission to release it on this account. His Ideas Account is called Padlix. Link to his Profile

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