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I present to you my new, custom Lego Batmobile.

Based upon several previous incarnations of the Batmobile, this custom design has all the classic design elements, the double fins on the back, the rear thruster, and the easily recognizable sleek profile one would expect from the Batmobile. 

I created this design with my Batwing, as a companion vehicle, i actually designed the Batmobile to be able to connect to my Batwing. I decided though that adding this to my Batwing idea would make the piece count too high(it would still be under 3000, about 2200 pieces). This Batmobile possesses one similar feature to the Batwing, the Batcycle connection. This design feature has the Batcycle work as the cockpit of the Batmobile. To access the Batcycle you simply fold out the hood into a ramp, the Batcycle can then roll out. 


  • Batcycle Cockpit integration
  • Hood folds out to become ramp
  • Mini-figure scaled, can hold one Batman figure
  • 520 piece count
  • Opening cockpit screen

I hope everyone likes my idea, please support, share, and always have fun building

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Thanks everyone.


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