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Classic Chess



Classic Chess Set

The idea provided is a Chess set comprised from Lego pieces. The set includes the following:

  • One Chess Board
  • 8 black & 8 white pawns
  • 2 black & 2 white rooks, knights, and bishops
  • 1 black & 1 white Queen
  • 1 black & 1 white king.

The board size is 10x10 inches with 7/8 inch spaces/squares. The playing board itself is 7 inches in size, making it compact but still practical for ease of play. The pieces are all 1/2 an inch in diameter, with an exception of the king and queen, being the same size as the spaces. The set contains a total of 609 Lego pieces.

Why I Built this Model

When I was younger, I really liked playing Chess, and also building with Legos. I also like the gameplay and the design of the pieces. This set combines the gameplay of Chess, along with the construction of Legos where you can build the board and the pieces, and you can play the game afterwards.

Why I think this would be a good Lego Set

This set would be good in collection displays, along with the fact that not only can you display the set, but you can also use it, and it can be entertaining for many Chess players. It has a dual purpose of construction and gameplay, which is why I believe it would be a good idea.

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