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The Hermes


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My project is based on the movie The Martian where Mark Watney
is given for dead after a fierce storm in one of the missions Ares,
Watney will resort to his ingenuity to contact the NASA and inform them that
is alive.
Who is Hermes?
Hermes is a greek mythology character whose role is to be the messenger of the gods.

Hermes in the movie
It is a space station that moves through the Earth and Mars, has an ion propellant that moves at 6 meters per second, the mission lasts 351 days in
direction to Mars and 515 with direction to the Earth.
the Hermes has 6 solar panels, 3 ports of coupling and output, a centrifuge
which houses a kitchen, living room, gym and bedroom, a nuclear reactor, 6 fuel tanks and an ion propellant.

About MAV
The MAV is the vehicle of acenso Mars, its function is to put to the astonautas in orbit to intercept  the Hermes and used by Watney to be rescued.
Has three stages

1 undercarriage
2 acenso vehicle
3 cabin

About Iris
In greek mythology Iiris is also the messenger of the gods and goddess of the rainbow

About the Iris probe
The probe Iris its only function was to resupply to the Hermes in its return to Mars
What is the project?
The project is a replica of the Hermes, MAV and 
 the Iris probe, the project contains
1- the Hermes
2- MAV

3- probe iris

4- base with bitrina
5- the crew

About the project
The project will design it so that it is of collection and also to play with the

Properties of Hermes
The same as the original

MAV Properties
Is divided into its 3 stages and a pilot fits in the cockpit

Properties of the Iris probe
Is coupled with the Hermes

I build this because I want one of my ideas to become a Lego product and Share with several of my friends who have a taste for Lego and the Martian.

I know it will be successful because the movie is very good, too
It is popular with children and adults.

It is not proposed a series of products or a playtheme 
Not based on previous projects







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