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Disney Hercules Hydra Canyon


This would be a set based on the Disney's interpretation of Hercules in the Hercules 1997 film. I propose that it includes Hercules with his sword and blue cape, Pegasus and the mighty Hydra which I have included here having three heads.

The Hydra starts off with just one head in the film so it would be acceptable to just make one for the set however it would appeal more if it has it's extra two heads.

The heads are very moveable allowing them to be fully pose able via the vast network of joints along with the legs also.

The set includes many purple bricks which are quite rare to get hold of so it would bring a lot of unique bricks which may open a lot of possibilities for creations which may need them.

I hoped you have all enjoyed the set. If you want to increase the chances of having it within your own collection make sure to leave a support! And feel free to comment and share.

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