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The Gaulish Village - Astérix


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By Toutatis ! Already 60 years of adventures !

60 years ago, two friends, René Gosciny and Albert Uderzo, have created Astérix for their new magazine : Le Pilote. they fastly have had a big success. And today, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Astérix, I've created the model of the famous gaulish village who still resist to the Romans.

The Gaulish village contains :

-A mini Astérix (invisible on the pictures),

-A mini Obelix (invisible on the pictures),

-A mini Panoramix (invisible on the pictures),

-A mini Vitalstatistix (invisible on the pictures),

-A mini Cacofonix (invisible on the pictures),

-A mini Fulliautomatix (invisible on the pictures),

-A mini Epidemmix (invisible on the pictures),

-Seven huts with straw roof,

-Five huts with wooden roof,

-The hut of the bard,

-Obelix's quarry,

-A river with a waterfall,

- Two wooden bridges,

-Four wooden benches,

-A part of the beach,

-A part of the forest.

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