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Diorama Box Ideas

And why not have a diorama in your collection that we will be able to place wherever we like it and it will decorate our room and thus also remind us how popular Lego Ideas is already?

After all, 3,000,000 backers is a huge number and it didn't happen by accident.

The diorama in the shape of a logo Lego Ideas is a set of 550 elements, it is arranged on 2 tiles 16x16, it is also a box.

The Lego Ideas logo has a pull-out drawer in which we can hide our precious trinket or several figures.

The set will be perfect for our desk in the room, it will certainly make an impression next to the TV where it will certainly make our room more beautiful,
and perhaps we will put it in the living room, or in front of the sets that have already been released in Lego Ideas and thus emphasize where these sets come from.
There are many ideas, it's up to you how you use it, right?

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