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Cactus Project


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With a passion for all living things, I recently became particularly intrigued with cacti and succulents. They exhibit attractive geometry and colors and tie nicely with imaginative and amusing bases for their support.

It had not occurred to me to combine LEGO and cacti until the LEGO Ideas tree house was approved. I created an entire series of tree houses, theming each one very differently. The one I found most captivating was a saguaro cactus, my favorite even as it was being built. Many of my friends and fellow builders gravitated to it as well.

With this as the major focus, I expanded on the idea and continue to create two more companion pieces; one based on a barrel cactus, another based on a prickly pear cactus.

Primarily seen as a display piece, it would be akin to the ship in the bottle ideas set. It would be the perfect alternative for people who struggle to keep their plants alive! It also would make a great for a home or office display.

I envision this similar to the Go Brick Me set (41597) or similar to 3 in 1 Creator set which can be adapted to a favorite cactus and pot combination; encouraging additional creativity, plant and base types but I am also happy with the ones presented here.

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