Product Idea

Classic Fire Truck

I know the fire truck is a little bit of an obvious choice for a Lego idea, but as far as I can see, there has never been a large scale creator set of a truly impressive looking fire truck. (That's only my opinion of course.)

After some searching around for different styles of truck, I settled on a large boom-crane style truck as they have a more striking appearance and allow for more interesting moving parts.

The model has been built to 16 stud wide scale allowing for plenty of detail but keeping the model from being so big that it would become weak. I wanted to use as much Standard Lego as possible and only used Technic parts where I thought that it was needed for structural strength.

The piece count is high at approx 1600 pieces, but by comparison that is much lower than the 2606 used in the Mobile Crane Mark 2. Also taking into account this set has no proposed power functions the price may be kept below $120 (hopefully).

The set is free from any gears or power functions and all the moving parts can be adjusted by hand to give the model a more hands on and satisfying feel and widen the appeal to everyone. This also allows the model to be built more easily, keeping it fun for more people.

Hopefully this project has impressed you enough to support, if you have any questions or comments I will try and reply to everyone!