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The Fishing Shack


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Hey guys!  This is my LEGO project called The Fishing Shack.  This shack houses an old fisherman and his seafood friends he has caught.  Before you read any further I'd greatly appreciate it if you hit that support button and share with others so that we can get this thing to 10,000 supporters!  

The reason I built this shack was that I saw a house in a book that was right next to the ocean so, because of the rising tide, it was built on stilts like a deck.  It looked like a really cool design that I wanted to build.  So I attempted it and this is what came of my attempts.  I hope you like it and support it!  

This build has complete playability with the walls on hinges allowing them to swing open and for you able to reach in and play around.  Plus all the levels can come off easily with little studs connecting them.  This was a priority for my build because playability is one of the top requirements for me when I see LEGO sets.  

This build consists of:
  • 1534 pieces
  • 1 Minifigure (if we can get far with this project a wife for this man may be added in... ;) )
  • 1 Fishing Pole
  • 1 Starfish
  • 2 Fish
  • A cozy fireplace + A comfy arm chair
  • Fridge + Sink + Oven
  • Dresser drawer
  • Comfy Bed with the ability to stick a minifigure in it
  • A comfort plant
  • A gutter system leading down to the undergrowth 
Please support, share, and give feedback to turn this into a real LEGO set!

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