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Spinoza the Monkey


Hey hoy Sailor!
It is Spinoza the monkey, the most famous sailor of my crew! Armed covered with his pirate captain’s hat, he will be the most valiant even in the heart of the fighting and he can bring you prestigious treasures!

Among the main themes of Lego, present since the 1990s, are space, knights and of course «Pirates», 
Lego has offered many products around the range Pirate, boats, forts and also «comics»
In the Comics we are introduced to all the characters present in the boxes whose pirate crew consists of «Flashfork», «Rummy», «Will», «Red Beard» accompanied by their famous animals «Popsy» the parrot and «Spinoza» the monkey,
The monkey appeared at Lego in the Pirate range in 1989 and is the only animal to have parts common to a figurine, the arms that are present on each side of the animal to make its legs,

The project:
In this project, you can first find the monkey, to build it you will find several techniques, the head this built from a base with parts on the sides, the body which consists of two boats fixed with bricks inside, the arms are built with curved plates and parts, the arms are attached to the body with hooks, the hooks are attached to the handles of two chests placed inside the body on a boat, the monkey also has a tail built with essentially articulated parts
With the monkey you will find a "Pirate hat", a bicorne like that of the captain with a skull in the center and a red feather on the top,

And finally you’ll find a banana, because that would be a monkey without a banana ;D

Why did I design this project?
I designed this project because it can interest several categories of people, both Lego fans who recognize the animal and what it represents in the history of the brand, but it can also affect animal and nature fans, because who would not fall in love with a cute little monkey to ride oneself and exhibited in any type of house or garden! 
What I mean is that if we know the brand or not, we can be interested in this set

Its small number of pieces (540) makes it a simple and not too expensive construction, allowing the greatest number to access it

Final word:
Thank you for taking 5min to pay attention to my project:D Don’t hesitate to support and comment that I would be very happy to read to you;)

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