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Traction City London


Traction City London

Imagine giant moving cities hunting each other to compete for food and resources. This is the world of Mortal Engines. Only the largest, fastest cities remain to roam the remains of a scarred and barren Europe. Traction City London has grown to an immense size with 7 tiers of factories, growling land engines, airship harbours and proudly wearing the mighty St. Paul’s Cathedral as a crown on its Top Tier. 

With London’s massive size however comes an even greater appetite. Will it be the last Traction City still rolling?

About the build

The original model I designed for London as a Traction City turned into a 14.000+ piece behemoth despite its staggering 1:2500 scale. After learning about the maximum piece count for Ideas I designed a second model at 1:5000 scale from the ground up to  fit within the requirements.

Breakdown per tier (top to bottom)

  • Top Tier - St. Paul’s Cathedral, Circle Park, Guild hall
  • Tier 1 - Government offices, luxury apartment buildings
  • Tier 2 - Upper-middle class apartment buildings
  • Tier 3 - Middle class apartment buildings, airship quays
  • Tier 4 - Lower middle-class housing blocks, airship quays
  • Tier 5 - Lower-class housing blocks, airship quays, Navigator’s Guild headquarters
  • Tier 6 - Factories, warehouses, worker’s housing, temple, airship quays
  • Tier 7 - Engine district workers housing, factories, warehouses
  • Base Tier - Engine district, jaws, fuel refinery, warehouses, worker housing, exhaust stacks, main engines, flywheel, auxiliary engines, capacitor banks.

Notable design features

  • Pico scale buildings, including St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • 9 tiers (including Base Tier and Top Tier) of housing, factories and engines
  • Flywheel, main engines and exhaust stacks assembly
  • Matching lion statue figureheads
  • Airship mooring quays
  • 2 types of pico scale airships
  • Openable jaws (for “eating” other towns) and retractable ramps
  • 25 track assemblies to support the massive bulk of a moving city


  • Piece count: 2998
  • Dimensions (metric): 50,6 x 24,8 x 19,2 cm
  • Dimensions (imperial): 19,9 x 9,8 x 7,5 inches

I hope to make this passion project into a real LEGO set! I highly appreciate every vote! Thank you in advance for your support!

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